Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

“I’m content with my little bubble, I don’t want to come out”. I hear the words constantly come out my mouth.

I used to say this for months and no matter how much my friends tried to persuade me  to step out, I would retreat back into my bubble. The excuses I used to make were silly but truthfully, the reason why I didn’t want to step out was because I was scared. Scared of change and scared of failing. I was scared to step out of my comfort zone because I knew the less risks I took, the more happy I would be ( so I thought).  This didn’t just happen in my personal life but my work and social life too.

Until one day I started to realise by living in the comfort zone, life was passing me by. I didn’t want to be stuck living this mundane life, I wanted to achieve my goals but one thing that kept pulling me back was, the risk of failing.

I remember hearing the quote ‘’ Nothing comes from sitting in the comfort zone’’ and it made me wonder about the reality I was in.

In order to grow you need to step out your comfort bubble and explore what the worlds has to offer. Even if what you do doesn’t work the first time, don’t retreat back in, take it again and face it at full value.

The job you want to apply for but you secretly think you don’t have the ‘right’ experience….Do it!!

That person you want to strike up a conversation with but you’re too shy…Do it!!

I want to share with you some tips that have helped me get out the comfort zone.


  • New Day- Do something different everyday! Even if its walking down the opposite side of the read.
  • Try Again- Like aaliyah the singer said ‘’ If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again’’. There is nothing wrong with not succeeding the first time, it just means you have to come back 10 times harder.
  • Trust- Trust and have faith that you are going in the right direction. Everything happens for a reason. Which brings me on to my next point.
  • Patience- Be patient with yourself, this is not going to happen over night but once you get into a conscious routine of shifting the mindset, it will change.
  • Journaling- Write down everything you have done differently big and small. Come back to it in a week and remind yourself of how many things you’ve achieved in a week.

comfort zone

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x

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