Top Tips To Pick Yourself Up

Raise your hand if you’ve ever got yourself in a foul mood and could not shake it off *slowly raise hand*

Well I have a few tips for you to try when you get yourself into a rut and can’t shake it.  If the mood lasts over a day or so make sure to do these mini task over a period of time so you can deeply relax and restore the right energy.

  • Exercise – Now there’s a reason why I put this at the top of the list, because it’s the hardest!

exercise giphy

  • Chit Chat- Talk to a trusted friend who will actively listen and support you, #SupportYaSqaud

chit chat giphy.gif

  • Shake It Off- Like Taylor Swift said ” shake it off, shake it off”. Dance to an upbeat song and pretend your in a music video

dance giphy.gif

  • Get Lost In A Book- Pick up your favourite book and re-read it or indulge in something new

book giphy.gif

  • Spa Time- Put some candles on and relax in your humble abode. Add some essential oil around the room to give it some ambiance. Make yourself a bubble bath and get lost in the warmth of the water

candle giphy.gif

  • Binge Binge- Binge watch your favourite series on Netflix

tv giphy.gif

  • Journaling- Write down what’s on your mind and how you feel. Writing your emotions down is the core of your growth when finding the root of your problem

journaling giphy.gif

  • Dress up- Put on some clothes that make you feel happy and strut around. Add a bit of makeup on to boost your mood

clothes giphy.gif

  • Snack Time- Eat that pizza,chocolate or chinese. Drink that wine, fizzy drink or beer.

snack giphy


Comment below on how you get yourself out of a funk!

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x



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