What Is This LOA You Speak Of?


I am a big believer in The Law of Attraction and Manifesting your true desires!

The Law of Attraction ( LOA) is a powerful energy that attracts the things you want in life, whether thats a new job, a new partner, even a new pet. We have such strong energies that the universe picks up on, from positive to negative and the ones in-between.  Our realities are shown through the way we think. This is a habit that all humans do consciously and unconsciously we say things that we don’t particularly want or need. I know I have caught myself saying some negative thoughts to a trusted friend and what I thought had become a reality. This is why you have to be impeccable with your words, choose your words wisely because they can pinch you in the butt later.

There are many different words for the universe such as God, Source Energy, Higher Power,  Higher Vibrations. They all mean the same thing. Choose the word that sits comfortably with you.

For me I found my spirituality which includes the LOA 3 years ago when going through a traumatic time and since then it has changed my perspective and mindset on life. I am my authentic self and pride myself in the achievements I’ve created through the positive journey I have taken.

At first the LOA is very hard to decipher and you may feel like you are not getting anyway, however all you need to do is trust the process

There are 3 main steps to LOA and attracting your dream life:


Tell the universe what you want to attract and be very specific ( the more specific you are, the more the universe will give you what you want)

For example, if I was manifesting a job I would say:

I want to manifest the *insert job role* position at * insert store* at * insert area/address*


In order for the LOA to really work, you need to believe it. Now when I say believe in the desire you’re trying to manifest, I really mean believe. I’m going to stick with the previous example and show you what I mean.

Visualise yourself working at the new job, meeting your colleagues. Visualise the journey and what you are going to be wearing for the job. Think about how happy you are going to be and the sense of the apprehensiveness of exploring a new direction in your life. At last, be thankful for the opportunity you are given ( showing gratitude to the universe really enhances your wants and desires).

3. Let Go

This is the hard part ( especially for me). Let go of the desire you want,over thinking about it will resist it from attracting to you. Just know the universe has your back and is making your dreams into a reality.


Now it time to enjoy what the universe gives back to you!


It takes time and you’ll go through a lot of emotions but you have to remember, the universe is always with you ❤

LOA quote

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x




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