Exuviance Cleansing Gel Review

Glowing skin is always in-unknown.png

Skin care is the most important routine in well-being. When you take care of yourself, you automatically feel good and glow like the sun.

I don’t experiment with a lot of difference skin products because I feel one product can ruin your skin entirely. I have very sensitive skin so I tend to only stick to a few products.

I will only be reviewing the best skin care products that I use and that has made a difference in my skin.

Now lets get into it….

I am in love with Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel


The consistency of the gel is very light and easy to apply on the face ( I suggest applying a little bit as it is a bit pricer, so you want to spare it as much as you can).

I always use a Clarisonic which is a cleansing device that has a circular brush head to cleanse the face. This tends to get the dirt and dead skin out, to let the new skin glow through.


When using previous skin products the after care used to leave my skin really dry and I would have to doubly moisture it to keep it hydrated. However, the Exuviance keeps the skin hydrated after use which is the best thing about the product.

Did I mention it also takes off skin deep makeup that you thought you got rid of.


I am in love with this product and I am so glad I have found it.



Comment below your favourite skin products!!


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