Believe In Yourself, You Are Doing Great


Ever had that annoying pessimistic voice telling you ‘you can’t do it’, ‘why try you’re going to fail anyway’ or ‘ you’re not smart enough’. That’s voice I call the hater, the voice that always has something negative to say but never praises you for the hard work you do everyday. Then we enter the world of non self-trust where we make decisions based on others opinion for validation. And then it starts to become a spiral of self doubt and not believing in yourself.

However, I am here to tell you not to listen to that voice and show it who’s boss.

In this post I have written down ways to start believing in yourself. Some you already do aimlessly while others require a bit of a push from yourself. Yes, it’s hard sometimes but with the power of your words, the thoughts that you create affect your emotions.. Change your thoughts and watch you blossom!

1.Celebrate your accomplishments 

Even if it’s getting out of bed. You should be proud of the past and present accomplishments, you are brilliant.

2.Stop asking for validation of yourself from other people

No-one know the ins and out of what makes you unique beside yourself. Every decision you make is from a self trust point of view, you trust yourself massively in order to exert that decision so why seek validation from other people to back up what you already know.

Now I am not saying don’t ever ask advice from others but know when to take your own advice

3.Take past experiences as growth

Don’t beat yourself up for past experiences. Growth is a way of knowing what works and what doesn’t and applying them to future experiences.

4.Think of the positive outcomes when you believe

Visualising the successes of your dream life is great when you believe yourself. Focus on the positive rather than the negative

5.Don’t let fear stop you

Fear is a little bitch…DON’T LET IT STOP YOU!!



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