A Week Without Social Media

This was me on the detox

I am back from hiding underneath the rabbit hole..no I joke…I am back from my social media detox. I gave up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.  It has been pretty hard being without social media but I felt like I was some what addicted to it, so I thought this challenge would really determine if I can live without social media and the truth is….. I BLOODY CAN! Yes, it was painful at time but below I take you through a day to day of my thoughts during the week.

Day 1: So far so good,I am feeling optimistic about fulfilling this detox. How hard can it be?


Day 2: I haven’t really missed Instagram or Snapchat that much. But, I am glad that I have been very productive as I know I would slip into boredom. It didn’t bother me that when I went out with my friends they were snap chatting their experiences. After all I do have a camera roll on my phone.


Day 3: It started out great….now I am kinda of missing something to aimlessly scroll through. I keep swapping between whats app and my camera roll ( which neither has changed within the last 2 minutes). I have revived in old hobbies that I thought I’ll never get back into. I think when you’ve done everything you possibly can to distract yourself, it’s hard to sit down and do nothing.

P.S I totally forgot it was International Womens Day- I usually rely on twitter or Facebook to tell me. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY!!


Day 4: I have been thinking about this detox and although it’s good that I am doing it. I do not think it will make any difference when I go back on to social media. It might give me an awareness to how many times I click onto the apps but, I will go back to my old ways very soon ( I can sense it).


Day 5: What a day..I spent the day in a confined room all day with nothing to do. I really wanted to just have a cheat day and just go on social media but then the more I thought about it, the more I realised it won’t be beneficial to me as I personally decided to do this challenge (and I don’t give up easily). All in all it was a hard day and I’m so thankful I completed the whole day without caving it.

p.s I thought this gets better with time?



Day 6: I felt pretty good and couldn’t believe my time is nearly up. My mindset has completely changed from yesterday and I do not miss it at all.


Day 7: Yay! I have actually made it through the week without social media and although I was having withdrawal symptoms ( I sound like an addict), overall I actually did not mind having it. I was more productive, I was more social and my mood was great.


I think everyone should go on a week detox and monitor their day to day feelings of how you feel you’ll be surprised!


Thank you for reading X



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