Are You Keeping Up With The #30DaySelfLoveChallenge?

*Quick Post Alert*

In the first week I know it’s extremely hard to keep up with a mantra everyday as your mind is constantly thinking ( I have it as well). So I’ve decided to tell you a few quick tips on keeping up the #30dayselflovechallenge. This is not only for you but it is for me as I see myself slipping at times.

p.s You can do the self love mantra any time of the day!

p.p.s Thank you to everyone who’s join me on this challenge and remember it’s not too late to join either

Tips & Tricks

1. Write post stick notes around your room


2. Team up with a friend and encourage each other


3. Use it as a morning and evening mantra ( if you forget during the day)


4. Meditate- Visualise yourself


If you have any tips that you use, please share in the comments.



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