New Month. New Challenge👊🏾

What Does Self-Love Mean To You?

Throughout my years as a young teenager I always struggled with loving myself. I damned myself by looking at the people who I thought had it all going for them, looks, friends and money. To be honest I was jealous and I know I am not the only person out there who has ever felt jealous of someone else. I used to ask myself when will I get out this ‘ugly duckling’ stage?, when will I get a great boyfriend who would spoil me rotten? and the major question that needed to be answered was when will I have a million pounds in my bank account?( I’m still wishing).  I would like to say this feeling stopped as I got older but it certainly didn’t. Having been surrounded by technology/social media there was no escaping images of beautiful young girls who were the same age as me, who’s lives were much more fancier than mine.

One day I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and all I saw were beautiful women with long hair, big butts and tiny waist. In that moment I scanned my eyes over my body and started to compare myself to them.

Then something clicked in my head.

Everyone is different!, yes majority of the females on Instagram have had some form of surgery but I realised my imperfections are my perfections and I should embrace it. I love me for who I am. I am determined, strong and beautiful young woman who embraces all my imperfections.

* Disclaimer* It takes more than 21 days to form a habit, so I decided to form a 30 day Self Love challenge.

Now the rules are as followed:

1.Everyday say something that you love about yourself/What makes you unique


Thats it!

I want YOU to join me on a journey of celebration. Share what makes you amazing and your perfection!

And Remember:

-Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

-Don’t Beat Yourself Up

-Embrace Your Imperfections

-Change Your Inner Critic

– LOVE YOURSELF30dayselflovechallenge

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    1. Definitely! Your mum tum is a result of having a beautiful baby who is your pride and joy❤️ We all compare ourselves to others ( including myself) but we have to remember we are all beautifully different in our own way 💪🏾

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