The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Stress

I am the worst when it comes to stress,my heart starts to race, my breathing becomes shallow and I tend to snap at the people I’m closest to ( Does this happen to anyone else).  It got to the point that I felt so bad snapping at everyone that in the end I tried to deal with it silently ( which didn’t work…anxiety on 100). Sometimes you just have to find ways in dealing with stress in a more manageable way, underneath are some tips and tricks I use when I get stressed. Now I’m not saying this is going to cure you instantly, its about managing and overcoming stress when it challenges you. Make it your alter ego and do a Beyonce and become Sasha fierce.


I know what you’re thinking… Breathe really, but seriously just taking a moment to focus on your breath can really lower your heart rate and relax your overworking mind. Taking nice deep inhalations through the nose and slowly exhaling through the mouth is a great way to ensure that oxygen is going to the brain and slowly you become less panic and relax.

2. Do One Thing At A Time

There is no point in rushing into stuff and doing it half heartedly, its all about taking your time and ticking off your checklist one at a time. You will feel more in control and you will smash it ( because I know you will)

3. Daily/Weekly Goals

Writing down your daily and weekly goals gives you an option to write down the most to the least important things on your to do list. I live by this skill, it really has helped me to plan out my week and to navigate whats important also, I like it because I get to make the page look pretty. You can write your goals in a notebook or if you’re someone who has their phone on them 24/7 ( don’t be ashamed) you can simply put it on your phone so that you can always refer back to it.

4. Give Yourself Intervals

We all need a break… sometimes 5, 10 or 24 hours. Giving yourself breaks to recuperate really helps when you’re stressed, It give you time to distract yourself before you head back to the chaos.

5. Keep Hydrated

Keep that bottle of water next to you.

6. A Ritual A Day

Do something that helps you relax, a few ideas are: taking a hot shower/bath, listening to music, going outside. Doing something you enjoy relaxes your mind and makes you feel good.

7. Reach Out To A Friend

A good ol’ chat is the best thing whenever I’m stressed because the person on the other line not only gives me advice but we end up talking about random things and then i forget that I was ever stressed. Why not try calling a good friend to have a chat with.

8. Write It Out

This is another one of my favs, whenever I feel off and I don’t want to talk to anyone I turn to my notebook and I feel much more free and relaxed after I’ve let all my feelings out. Sometimes you need to realise that you have the answers its just you need to see it so writing it down is the best way to letting stress go.












6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Stress”

  1. Great post. I suffer with anxiety and I can relate to what your saying. Will be trying out your tips. Thank you

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