How To Set Goals & Smash Them

How to set goals & smash them

The typical new years goals usually goes like this. We make a long list of stuff we are going to change (mainly weight loss or stop smoking), say we are going to smash them and a couple of months later, someone will ask us about our goals and we always end up saying ‘’ oh that! I couldn’t keep up with it’’ or ‘’ I am too busy’’.  We make the same excuses every year and then we wonder why everyones enjoying themselves and your still wishing to be the ‘perfect’ size.

Enough is enough! I am here to kick you up the butt and give you some encouraging tips for you to smash your goals. You don’t have to apply all of theses, you can start with one and work your way through. Like Samuel Johnson said ‘’ Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance’’. So don’t be disheartened if you cave in or totally forget and think you can’t do it again, as long as you preserve you can’t go wrong.

5 tips to smash your goals:

1. Stick it around the room

Write your goals down and stick it anywhere in the room, this is an effective way to see your goals in the morning or evening in places where you wouldn’t normally see it.  I personally find this method effective, I usually write it in my notes on my phone as I typically look at my phone every minute of the day (who doesn’t) ,this helped me to smash my 2016 goals and I’m ready to implement it in 2017 and the year after and the year after that. Why not give it a try?

2. Goals Affirmations

Repeating your goals to yourself when you wake up and before you go to bed. Keeping your goals fresh in your mind keeps your brain on a memory cycle where you will never forget your goals.

3. Tell a close relative or friend

When you tell someone your goals you’re effectively putting it out into the universe. A close relative or friend can support you in your yearly goals. Maybe have an exchange with them and promise to keep a monthly check up between you two so that you both can keep on track.

4. Visualise it

Visualise yourself achieving the goals, how does it make you feel?. When you visualise your goals you steer your mind in the direction of happiness and achievement.

5. Believe in yourself


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x


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